Talking to your Doctor

You can get the most out of your doctor's appointment by making a list of any questions or concerns you have about your discectomy surgery and bringing it with you to the exam. You and your doctor have a lot to discuss in a limited amount of time, so collecting your thoughts on paper beforehand will help you remember. The goal is to obtain all the information you need during your appointment so that you return home with a clear understanding of your diagnosis and treatment options.
When talking with your doctor, make your questions as brief and specific as possible. Write down any instructions and answers you receive; don’t rely on your memory.

Questions you might ask your doctor:

  • What treatment options exist for a herniated disc?
  • Are you considering a limited or total disc removal procedure?
    • If limited disc removal: how to reduce the risk of reherniation, especially when faced with a large anular defect?
    • If total disc removal: how to address concern with disc degeneration / collapse?
  • What are the possible complications of a discectomy procedure?
  • Is there anything you can do to close the hole in the disc?
  • Is there anything I can do to reduce my risk for developing herniated discs?

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